Affiliate FAQ's

How much does it cost to join as an affiliate?
There is no cost to join as an affiliate although we prefer that you have previously registered on the site and purchased at least one game.

How much commission can I earn?
The standard rate is 15% unless special provision has been made. Charities attract a higher commission rate.

How do I get paid?
Commission is paid on a weekly basis using your preferred payment system, ie. Cheque, PayPal or Bank Transfer.
All commission details can be seen within your dedicated Affiliate account (not website account).

How many links can I use?
Each link generated is per product therefore it is concievable that you could have a link for each product in the LIBRIUM Games store.

Who is the Affiliate program open to?
The Affiliate program is open to anyone that has previously registered with the shop site and purchased a LIBRIUM game. (Unless you have been invited to join by LIBRIUM Games).