About Us

LIBRIUM is a new game. Available in 5 models with more to come.

The game concept is a registered design with many options for competition, marketing and of course FUN!

The game originally came about by playing with obsolete video encryption cards and an ID slot punch.
A basic game was produced using two to five cards as a base.
The next step was to include a tripod which raised the whole game and allowed longer branches to be made.
The biggest step came with the introduction of the pendulum base which increases the dynamics of the game making it perfect for a competition environment.
Playing the game of LIBRIUM: 
Players take turns to build up a structure using 30 plastic cards with strategically placed slots.
Each player is eliminated if they collapse part or all of the structure. 
The winner is last player still in... Simple.
This really is a game of Balance and Chaos as the tag line suggests, and is often referred to as ‘The thinking man’s buckaroo’

All the games are fully brand-able, so could be used as a marketing tool within a work environment or as corporate gifts advertising a company logo etc.

This game concept is still very new and has not been thrust upon the general public in any large way yet... but awareness is continuing to escalate.

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LIBRIUM Games also have a dedicated Forum for like minded people, where you can suggest rule additions, suggest competition venues and generally share your thoughts etc.